Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best Gifts For An EMT

I know this is going to be scary for a lot of people, but one of your friends or relatives may be an emergency medical technician or an EMT for short. When I became certified I can tell you so many people that I knew were so scared it was unbelievable, but thankfully the classes taught me all I needed to know to treat patients. The problem my friends started having was trying to figure out what kind of gifts to get me when I graduated from school, birthdays, and even Christmas. Here is some advice for you to use to get the proper gift for the EMT who is in your life.

The first thing you do not want to do is spend a ton of money on the item. Yes, you may know the person very well and want to get them something nice, but you need to realize this is not always a good thing to do since the EMT may not be able to get you as nice of a gift in return.

A second thing for you to consider is if the EMT will like the item or not. Sometimes an EMT will want a gift they can use on the job, but also know they are cared for. So you should look for a gift that your friend or relative is going to love the item.

Trauma Shears

All EMT's use trauma shears to help cut clothing or even cut tape. The problem is these shears are never around when they need them. I know for me I was always going through the shears and when I would look in the bags we would use for our gear, I could never find them when I needed them. However, one of the best gifts I ever recieved was a set of shears I could attach to my pants with a quick release button. These managed to last me for almost a full year before I had to sharpen them.


Every EMT has to take blood pressure and listen to the chest sounds of patients. I know for me I never really thought about using a stethoscope my partner used, but after he told me they had a nasty ear infection I started to think twice about using the ones in the ambulance. Yes, you are with a partner all the time, but when they are get sick it does lead to you having to expose yourself to their illness by putting the ear buds directly into your ears and this thought, even when washed with alcohol did not sit well with me. If you want to consider a stethoscope as a gift for an EMT, then you should look at this list here.

First Aid Kits

Yes, ambulances are loaded with first aid type of items and even more advanced items. However, an EMT is not always going to have an ambulance handy and some of them will want to help people when they roll up on an accident. Since so many EMT's like to help people all the time, you may want to consider getting them a small first aid kit they can keep in their vehicle. Then your friend or family member can easily help people even when they are off duty.

Caring for an EMT in your family or as a friend is a good thing. However, when you go to get them a gift, you are going to scratch your head and wander what exactly you should be getting for your EMT friend or family member. By knowing about these gift ideas, you can easily find the best gift for your friend or family member and know they are going to love the gifts you get them.